Djerba: the paradise island of Tunisia


Summer holidays often refer to white sands, blue beautiful beaches and breathtaking views. What if we told that Djerba is the perfect summer destination for you, if you’re searching of all these priceless things?

Djerba, also known as Jerba, is a little beautiful island located in the South of Tunisia. It’s considered as the largest coastal island in North Africa. This island has always been related to the history of the country. Ulysses would have crossed it, Carthaginians founded several trading posts there and Romans built several cities there to develop agriculture and port commerce. You’ve probably understood it; Djerba has a rich history behind it.

But history isn’t the only peculiarity if this island. We don’t know whether you’ve visited this island or not, but it does have one of the most beautiful beaches of the world. With its white sand, bright blue seas, luxury hotels peaceful atmosphere, Djerba seduces all its visitors. Since the 60s, Djerba has become a privileged tourist destination on all sides.

The capital of Djerba is Houmt Essouk, very known for its handicrafts, jewelers and fishing port. People of the region are known for their kindness and their warm welcome. They are also very attached to their traditions in all kind of occasions: birth, wedding, circumcision, etc.


On the southern outskirts of Houmt Souk you can find the Ghriba, a Jewish temple that dates back to the 6th century BC. It’s the second highest place of Judaism in the world and every year, thousands of visitors come to perform the pilgrimage.


For art lovers, there’s a magnificent open-sky museum called Djerbahood. In 2014, almost 150 artists came from all over the world and transformed the town of Erriadh to a beautiful open-sky museum with almost 250 works. This town became a major place of expression for artists from diverse cultures, a worldwide panorama of Street Art and an essential cultural attraction in Tunisia.

Djerba is a little piece of heaven so if you really want to enjoy your summer holidays, don’t wait anymore and book your trip!

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