Aïn Draham, the unknown paradise of Tunisia


Aïn Draham is a small town in the northwest of the country, not so far from Tabarka. In ancient times, Aïn Draham was a former souk and a military camp. Today this village has become a modest center dedicated to local development and has about 35 400 inhabitants.

Aïn Draham was originally a French military base, the third choice of troops right after Fernana and Mzaret Essardouk. After that, the region became a service village for settlers (education, trade, forestry, etc.). In 1892, Aïn Draham was one of the first municipalities set up in Tunisia.

In 1930, the village became a tourist destination intended to retain the French settlers (family pensions (family pensions, residences and administrative tourism). The situation has changed since then, but the magic of this place remains the same.

With its red roofs, its breathtaking views and its authenticity, Aïn Draham is the perfect place for those who are searching for a peaceful and quiet place, and also for hiking enthusiasts since it has interesting circuits that attract hundreds of hikers every year.

During the winter, Aïn Draham welcomes many local and foreign tourists to enjoy the snow and spend their winter holidays.


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