Zammour, a peaceful Berber village in the South of Tunisia


Berber villages have always fascinated visitors from all over the world, which is not surprising at all. In fact, with their atypical architecture and fascinating history, every alley of these Berber villages has its own part of the story.

Zammour, also called Azammour, is a little Berber village in the south-east of Tunisia, related to the governorate of Medenine. This village is located in the heart of Matmata mountains. The peace and silence of Zammour and the hospitality of its villagers can’t be found elsewhere. It has its own identity and culture.

The access to the village isn’t very complicated, unless you don’t know the region. But what’s good about it is that there’re many indications all along the road, so no risk to be lost. Also, Zammour can be the perfect place for hiking lovers.

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