Jemma, Aphrodisium

Mahdia, the Tunisian coastal city

Mahdia Tunisia
Mahdia tunisia

photo credit : Port de peche Daniel Beaumont
photo credit : Amphitheater of El Djem – UNESCO World Heritage Center Paul

Jemma, Aphrodisium and Cap Africa were the ancient names of Mahdia, the coastal town that was the first capital of the Fatimid Caliphs in the 10th century and has become one of the largest fishing ports in Tunisia. With its sumptuous sandy beaches, Mahdia is one of the most beautiful destinations in Tunisia: You can enjoy this seaside resort during your summer holidays. Staying in this paradise on earth, you can practice scuba diving, windsurfing, water skiing and jet skiing … The town of Mahdia retains its traditional appearance through its typical dwellings and its silk weaving craft. Today, one can admire the making of shawls, bands and draperies in bright and shimmering colors: they serve to complete the traditional female costume. When visiting Mahdia, it is imperative to visit various monuments and buildings that add value to the city such as the Mahdia Museum, Skifa Kahla, Bordj El Kebir and the Great Mosque … You can also discover the small village of El Jemm located right next to the city where you will have the chance to visit the large amphitheater, ranked third of the ancient world by its dimensions. It should be noted that Mahdia is rich in cultural events such as the Summer Festival of Mahdia and the Festival of the Sea in July.

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