Tataouine, the atypical village of South Tunisia


When we talk about Tunisia, many people are fascinated by the beauty of the southern regions, with their Berber villages and vast deserts. The South of Tunisia has always kept a part of mystery, and Tataouine holds a great part of it.

Located in the South of the country, Tataouine is one of the most picturesque villages of the country. With its rich history and Berber village, this region attracts thousands of visitors every year who are instantly seduced by the charm and mystery of this magic place. If you’re planning to visit the south of Tunisia, Tataouine and its Berber village are almost a mandatory passage. And even if the region welcomes thousands of visitors every year, it has kept its authentic and traditional architecture.

The history of Tataouine goes back to thousands of years, as it is shown by the archaeological sites and frescoes that were discovered in the region. Surrounded by mountains, the climate in Tataouine is dry and warm, especially in summer. That’s why most people choose to visit it during spring holidays, since the weather is at its best in this time of the year.

With its beautiful landscapes, atypical architecture and magical atmosphere, Tataouine is a beautiful mixture between past and present, tradition and modernity… without forgetting the warm and hearty welcome of its locals.  A destination that is certainly worth the trip !




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