Kerkennah Islands, a breathtaking beauty


In our previous posts, we talked a lot about well-known places in Tunisia like the beautiful Djerba, the surprising Tozeur, the peaceful Kelibia, etc. And you’ve probably understood it, Tunisia a little country full of surprises even if many places aren’t really known.

Kerkennah Islands are probably one of these beautiful places that you must absolutely visit at least once in your lifetime. Many people don’t know Kerkennah archipelago, yet it’s one of the most beautiful regions of the country, a region with magical landscapes and unique traditions.


Kerkennah is a Tunisian archipelago of the Mediterranean Sea, not very far from Sfax. It has two major islands, Gharbi and Chergui, and 12 little islands: Gremdi, Roumadia, Rakadia, Sefnou, Charmadia, Ch’hima, Keblia, Jeblia, El Froukh, Firkik, Belgharsa and El Haj Hmida. In ancient times, this island was used as a port and lookout point by Romans. But today, Kerkennah became a tourist region, even if it’s not as well-known as other places like Hammamet, Sousse or Djerba.

Kerkennah is not only known for its beautiful beaches, but also for its culinary delights that can’t be found elsewhere. If you ever went there, there’s a famous restaurant called “Chez Najet”, one of the best in the country. This restaurant is specialized in seafood meals. If you like seafood, you’ll surely find your happiness there.

This island is the perfect destination for those who are searching for a calm and peaceful place to go to. With its blue seas, white sand and breath-taking views, Kerkennah is a real paradise on earth.

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