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Musical Days of Carthage, the musical spring of Tunisia


In the United States, festivals represent an important part of the country’s culture. Every year, dozens of festivals of different types (commerce, food, art, music, etc.) take place in different places of the country. In Tunisia, things aren’t very different, and many festivals take place each year. The Musical Days of Carthage is an important musical festival that occurs every year in early spring.

The Musical Days of Carthage are a music festival and competition organized by the National Establishment for the Promotion of Festivals and Cultural and Artistic Manifestations, under the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in Tunisia.

This festival hosts young and talented artists coming from Tunisia and other countries such as Morocco, Egypt and even Central African Republic.

During a week, the whole country celebrates this musical spring with many concerts all around the country. And even if the festival has disappeared for 4 years right after the revolution, the organizing committee is working hard on making this festival an unmissable rendez-vous for all music lovers, and also a south-mediterranean ‘market’ that reunites different stakeholders of the musical industry.

The atmosphere if this festival is unique with its street concerts and spectacles, and joyful ambiance. And just like Marilyn Manson said “Music is the strongest form of magic”, so enjoy it as long as you live !


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