Ramadan traditions in Tunisia


As you may probably know it, all the Muslim community is celebrating Ramadan. The basics of this holy month are pretty much the same everywhere: pre-dawn meal, breaking the fast, etc. But traditions and customs are very different from a country to another. And since our blog is all about Tunisian and Tunisian traditions, we’ll give you an idea about some customs Tunisians have during Ramadan.

The night caller

One of the oldest traditions during Ramadan is probably the night caller. The night caller is generally a man with modest incomes that will wake up the entire neighborhood for the pre-dawn meal during the whole month. The night caller has a drum on which he taps to wake up people. Even if today, the night caller is disappearing, some regions are still attached to this tradition.

The cannon

In ancient times, people used to shot a cannon ball to announce the breaking of fast, but also to announce the beginning and the end of Ramadan. This tradition has been canceled after the Tunisian revolution in 2011 for security reasons but has been reiterated after few years

“El Moussem”

When two people are engaged, the groom-to-be visits his fiancée with his family on the 27th day of Ramadan, and brings with him a valuable gift (jewelry, dinner service, etc.). Even if today, this tradition almost disappeared, some families are still very attached to it.


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