5 healthy dishes suggested by La Megara


In the past, people didn’t really use to pay attention to what they eat. But today, things are slowly changing and people tend to pay more attention to what they have on their plates. In a world full of junk food, healthy food is trying to make a place for itself and seems like it’s working pretty well. Healthy dishes are generally made with natural and organic ingredients, and this is obviously the secret of their success.

In the USA, healthy food became very trendy, and seduces even the most demanding food lovers. Healthy food has even become a way of life and attracts more and more people, with its appetizing appearance, bright colors and fresh smell. The success of healthy food quickly became international and even in Tunisia; people are more and more interested by this healthy lifestyle and tend to adopt it. So, if you’re searching for some healthy dishes, here are our suggestions:

Orange Roasted Salmon


Salmon is very rich in Omega 3, vitamins and fatty acids. All these benefits make the salmon one of the world’s healthiest foods. The recipe is quite easy, you just have to put in a small bowl salmon slice and add the seasoning. In order to reveal the taste of orange, you can use La Megara flavored olive oil. This dish can be prepared either for lunch or dinner.

Pearl couscous with vegetables


Pearl couscous is very similar to the classic couscous but with a bigger shape and is very famous not only in Israel, but worldwide. It can be used in many hot or cold dishes. Pearl couscous is very healthy since it’s made with whole wheat flour and is full of proteins. It can simply be boiled in some water, and while it boils, add some vegetables: artichokes, chickpeas… this dish can be seasoned with a simple vinaigrette made with vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Lentil soup


Lentil soup is the perfect meal for cold winter days. The recipe is quite simple: in a bowl, put the lentils with some water and fresh or crushed tomatoes. You can add vegetables such as carrots, basil, garlic, onions, etc… Season it with some salt, pepper and vinegar.

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Spinach and sun-dried tomatoes pasta


Contrary to what you might think, pasta can be a healthy dish. Spinach and sun-dried tomatoes is an easy recipe that can be prepared in few minutes. Put in a blender sun-dried tomatoes and spinach, and add two garlic cloves and some red peppers. Meanwhile, put the pasta (you can use whole wheat pasta) in a bowl and let it boil. Once the pasta is ready, mix it with your sun-dried tomato pesto. You can add some parmesan on it.

Pasta salad


Pasta salad is an easy meal that can be ready in only few meals. The preparation is very simple, you just have to let the pasta cook in a bowl until al dente. Once it’s done, combine in a salad bowl pasta, cherry tomatoes, peppers and some olives.


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