Discover the Mesfouf, the white version of Couscous


These days, all the Muslim community is celebrating Ramadan, a holy month that lasts 30 days. And during these 30 days, Muslim fast all day and break the fast at the end of the day. And right before the fast begins, people eat what we call pre-dawn meal. This pre-dawn meal can be different according to the habits of each family. But of the most widespread meal for pre-dawn is undoubtedly the Mesfouf.

But what is Mesfouf? A question that you’re probably asking right now. Well, the Mesfouf is a white and sweet version of the classic couscous that you probably know (and maybe prepared). Since the dawn of time, this meal has been served during traditional celebrations and Ramadan.

The Mesfouf is frequently prepared during Ramadan for the pre-dawn meal since it’s a full meal and is very rich in carbohydrates. Mesfouf is often garnished with raisins, dates, and even dried fruits. Some people add cinnamon or orange flower water.

If you want to try this easy dish, here’re the ingredients that you’ll need and the recipe for the classic version. So you will need:


  • Put the semolina in a big bowl
  • Add the hot water and a fillet of extra virgin olive oil then cover it
  • Leave the semolina for 15 minutes and stir from time to time
  • Meanwhile, cut the dates and melt the butter
  • Once the semolina has swollen, add the dates and stir
  • Add the melted butter and stir once again
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