5 dishes you can prepare with La Megara Sun-dried Tomatoes


Unlike their fresh ‘siblings’, sund-dried tomatoes aren’t widely used in our everyday life. Maybe it’s just because we don’t really talk about the benefits of this vegetable. Also, many people don’t think it’s possible to prepare a wide variety of dishes with these preserved vegetables. But the truth is that sun-dried tomatoes are simply delicious, and can accompany almost all kind of dishes.

In Tunisia, sun-dried tomatoes follow a whole process. First of all, they are carefully picked by hand to be sure to have the best tomatoes. Then these chosen tomatoes are put under the sun in order to be dried. Once these tomatoes are completely dried, they are put in small jars with some sunflower oil (and salt, obviously). If you want to have the best sun-dried tomatoes that can be found on the market, La Megara is the answer! And here are some ideas of dishes that you can prepare with our tasty sun-dried tomatoes.

Sun-dried tomatoes appetizers


Probably one of the easiest recipes. All you’ll need for these appetizers is some bread slices, white cheese or a tapenade (depending on what you prefer) and sun-dried tomatoes. You can add some tuna for a stronger taste.

photo credit: Del’s cooking twist

Sun-dried tomatoes pasta

Pasta is a food staple in every culture. It’s very easy to prepare, and we can add almost all kind of ingredients to it. Sun-dried tomatoes add a fresh taste to pasta, and you can eventually add some tuna belly to it.

photo credit: thatsamore.canalblog.com

Sun-dried tomatoes tapenade


Tapenades can be served as an appetizer or to accompany a dish made of meat or fish. Sun-dried tomatoes tapenade is an original recipe, and if you want to have a different taste, you can add some olives to the mixture.

Sun-dried tomatoes and tuna salad

Now that sunny days are officially back, salads become the perfect meal for a healthy lunch or a light dinner. If you have enough of classic salads, you can add fresh touch with sun-dried tomatoes and tuna.

photo credit: realfunfood

Pizza with sun-dried tomatoes

Who doesn’t love pizzas? This Italian dish can be prepared with almost all kind of ingredients. Sun-dried tomatoes will make your pizza even more delicious, with some tuna and cheese. Yummy !

photo credit: the food charlatan

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