10 sweet and savory recipes made with dates


Dates are widely consumed in the US, not only for their unique sweet taste but also for their countless benefits. Tunisia has one of the best dates in the world, and among them the renowned “Deglet Nour”, considered as the date of the bright light. Dates can be eaten as they are, but can also be cooked in many sweet and savory original recipes.

Are you running out of ideas? Here are 10 easy and original ideas for sweet and savory recipes that can be made with dates.

Stuffed dates

stuffed dates

Stuffed dates are a classic recipe. They are generally prepared during end of year celebrations and served as an appetizer. Obviously, you can find them almost everywhere, but what if you made them by yourself and choose the stuff according to your tastes?

Dried fruits, apricot and dates pie


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Pies are an excellent idea for desserts, since they are quite easy to prepare and can be stuffed with any ingredient. This time we chose the one with dried fruits, apricot and dates. The perfect combination for a healthy and yummy dessert!

Dates and flakes squares


These squares can be the perfect snack for those who pay attention to their diet. Furthermore, they are very easy to prepare. You can also take them to work.

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Chorizo-stuffed dates


This original recipe can be a good idea for an appetizer. If you are used to make sweet recipes, try this one and don’t forget to add La Megara sun-dried tomatoes, it will be even more delicious!

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Dates, peanuts and sun-dried tomatoes chicken      


This sweet and savory dish is at the same time original and not very complicated to prepare. You can serve it with some rice or semolina.

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Dates and chocolate brownies


Dates and chocolate and the perfect combination, and what if it was for brownies? For and “adult” version, you can add some nut wine that will bring even more taste and complexity to chocolate.

Dates and Argan oil muffins         


A Moroccan recipe with a surprising taste that comes from Argan oil. These muffins can be served for kids’ snacks. You can eventually add some nuts.

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Oriental lentils with dates


Oriental lentils with dates is an original recipe made with lentil, rice, vegetables, and dates. Dates will bring a sweet taste to the dish, and you can add some coriander to reveal the flavor.

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Apricot and dates chicken balls


Chicken balls are very easy to prepare and can be served with some rice or pasta. To have more taste, you can add some dried grapes to the mixture.

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Lamb tajine with dates


Another sweet and savory dish that perfectly mixes lamb and dates. This meal is ideally served for lunch (it might be too heavy for dinner), and you can add some grilled almonds and honey.

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