The Tunisian Tajine


If you have traveled to Tunisia before, you had probably heard about the Tunisian tajine, this special dish made with eggs, meat, cheese and other ingredients.

For those who don’t know the Tunisian tajine, which is very different from the Moroccan one, it’s a kind of pie but without pastry. The word “tajine” is Persian and designates a dish made with rice and eggs.

The Tunisian Tajine can be prepared in many ways. But the traditional recipe includes eggs, meat (usually chicken or minced veal) or tuna, potatoes, cheese, parsley and spices. Once the preparation is ready, put it in the oven during 30 minutes. This dish can be served as an entrance, or as a dinner.

The Tunisian Tajine can be prepared with different ingredients like spinach, grilled bell pepper salad, merguez (Tunisian special sausage), etc…

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