The traditional Tunisian pastries


Tunisian cuisine isn’t only about recipes and dishes; it’s about love and share. Each recipe has its own story and secrets. That’s why this Mediterranean cuisine is highly appreciated, not only in the United States but also throughout the world. And obviously, Tunisian pastries are no exception to the rule.

Tunisian pastries are part of the country’s culture, and generally accompany all kind of important occasions such as weddings, Eid al-fitr (festival of breaking the fast), Ramadan nights, family reunions, etc. So for those who didn’t discover and taste these unique pastries yet, here’re some photos of the best Tunisian pastries. But be careful, these delicious little pieces are often sweet; it is therefore recommended to eat some of them, from time to time.

Almond Baklava


All the countries that knew the Ottoman Empire in their history prepared this oriental pastry. Tunisians made some changes to this baklava, and today this pastry is prepared with thin dough called Filo and stuffed with almond.

photo credit: tunisia.blogger

Kaak Warka


Kaak Warka is a white and ring-shaped pastry, made of a fine sweet pastry on the outside, and filled with a melting almond paste. Kaak Warka is a must for all kind of important celebrations.

photo credit: Gourmandise

Ghraïba Homs (chickpeas pastry)


This easy pastry is made with chickpeas and sugar has a melting texture. They can be eaten with a coffee or a tea. They can also be eaten in the morning for a healthy and balanced breakfast.

photo credit: cuisine tunisienne 

Almond Mlabes


Mlabes is a Tunisian pastry that comes from the region of
Sfax. This white and elegant pastry is stuffed with perfumed almond, and presented with a glazed topping made from white eggs and sugar.

photo credit: Hello Tunisia 

Bey Almond Baklava


The Bey Almond Baklava is a colorful pastry made from ground almonds, sugar and rose water. It is often composed of three colors: green, red and white.


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