The Luck of the Tunisians


A crossover between the St. Patrick’s day and Tunisian Lucky charm.

Today we celebrate St. Patrick’s day (you can see here about their symbols), a day full of joy, food, green, luck and drinks, however, as our blog is all about Tunisia, we are going to make a mix between the Irish culture and the Tunisian culture

St. Patrick’s day is a traditional celebration of the Irish, came from a long way back to the Celts and their Druids. The Irish are well know for their Feasts, and St. Patricks day is not different, with tons of food but especially tons of Ale and Stouts, because of that the Patron of Ireland became a very popular patron during the centuries, yes, centuries, this days is celebrated in the Christian calendar since the 16th century.

We all know the Irish lucky charm, the four-leaf clover, but, in Tunisia we also have a very traditional lucky charm, is the Khomsa (popular known as Hamsa), the right-handed shape amulet, is a popular charm around the Globe, it’s used by Hebrews, Catholics (Hand of Fatima), Muslims and many other cultures, but what you don’t know is that charm is actually an Original Tunisian charm, and the oldest date came from the ancient Egypt (Carthage), or Tunisia as we know.

So it doesn’t matter what is your luck, today is a day to celebrate, so let’s do it, with your friends or family, go out and celebrate, celebrate life, happiness and everything¬†around, be thankful and grateful for everything you have.
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