Né à Tunis, a young and promising Tunisian designer


Today’s post is all about youth and creativity. Né à Tunis is a young Tunisian designer who has revoluzionited the traditional design in Tunisia. Behind this orignal name that litteraly means “Born in Tunis”, a passionate and enthousiastic young man called Chamseddine Mechri.

Chamseddine Mechri has always been passionate about the Tunisian design, but wanted at the same to launch something different, something new. In 2005, he decided to start a new ambitious project : Né à Tunis. At that time, Né à Tunis wasn’t just a new brand specialized in the Tunisian design. In fact, Chamseddine came with new projects and ideas and launched a whole range of playful and original furniture, inspired by Tunisian traditions and the know-how of many artisans. Every product has a unique story and inspiration, and this is what helped Né à Tunis to stand out from the crowd.


The beginnings weren’t very easy for Chamseddine and its new brand. In fact, people didn’t really accept the original style of his products and took some time to finally appreciate these unique creations. Over time, and with the perseverance of this exceptional artist who deeply believed that young designers are able to succeed, Né à Tunis became a real reference in the design sector and the brand is constantly growing with even more original and innovative products.

What many people may not know, is that Chamseddine Mechri isn’t just a young and ambitious designer. In fact, Chamseddine works on natural material such as the vegetable fiber of rush and olive wood, and encourages thus artisans from different regions of the country like Sidi Bouzid, Douz, Sfax, etc. He also forms many women from Jradou (a Berber village located in the region of Zaghouan) to help them promote their work and products. Apart from all these things, Chamseddine teaches in 2 universties in Kairouan and Tunis.


Today, Né à Tunis is invited to almost all the prestigious trade shows from all other the world and each time, visitors are fascinated by the creations of this Tunisian brand. The production of each product may take three weeks or more, to make sure that every piece is unique and has its own stamp.

If you want to see more of Né à Tunis products, you can visit his page on Facebook.

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